ArjoHuntleigh and BAM Labs Deliver Smart Bed Technology to Healthcare Market

5 years ago

ArjoHuntleigh, Inc., the leader in pressure ulcer prevention and patient safety, and BAM Labs, the pioneer of smarter health monitoring, today announced a U.S. distribution partnership to provide BAM Labs Smart Bed Technology to the acute and postacute markets. BAM Labs Smart Bed Technology is designed to turn any bed into a platform to improve care quality, increase team efficiency and reduce costs. Healthcare facilities and communities can immediately contact ArjoHuntleigh to purchase BAM Labs’ Smart Bed solution and receive customer support, training, and clinical support.

BAM Labs’ Smart Bed Technology is proven to reduce pressure sores by 85.4%1. In a formal study, residents at 3 long-term care centers were evaluated for risk of developing a pressure ulcer based on their Braden Scale for Predicting Pressure Sore Risk. A peer-reviewed journal validated the results and verified that BAM Labs’ Smart Bed Technology optimizes repositioning and supports the latest healthcare quality mandates.

“BAM Labs Smart Bed solution is an exciting addition to our portfolio of products and programs aimed at Preventing the Preventables such as Pressure Ulcers and Patient Falls, which are an often avoidable drain on healthcare resources and negatively impact patient care,” said ArjoHuntleigh President Paul Chapman.

“We believe that data-driven care provides for the best possible management of individual needs,” said Rich Rifredi, CEO, BAM Labs. “We expect to see BAM Labs Smart Bed Technology used to assess dozens of health indicators in the future as demand for more intelligent information grows.”

“Our partnership with ArjoHuntleigh expands our ability to provide Smart Bed Technology globally,” said Mike Hanson, VP Strategic Partnerships, BAM Labs. “We look forward to working closely with their international team, as they are ideally positioned to put BAM Labs Smart Bed Technology into play to provide patient-centered care, reduce cost, and increase care team efficiency.”

How BAM Labs Smart Bed Technology Works
The FDA-registered BAM Labs Smart Bed Technology sensor mat is placed under any mattress and continuously detects patient motion and presence. Biometric data is automatically transmitted to the BAM Labs Smart Bed cloud platform where it is analyzed and returned to caregivers, packaged in powerful, user-friendly applications viewable on any internet-connected device.

About ArjoHuntleigh Inc.
ArjoHuntleigh Inc. is a member of the Getinge AB Group, a leading global provider of equipment and systems that contribute to quality enhancement and cost efficiency within healthcare and life sciences. Equipment, service and technologies are supplied under the brands ArjoHuntleigh Inc. for patient handling and hygiene, disinfection, DVT prevention, medical beds, therapeutic surfaces and diagnostics, GETINGE for infection control and prevention within healthcare and life science and MAQUET for surgical work places, cardiopulmonary and critical care. ArjoHuntleigh USA offers a broad range of integrated solutions for the care of people with reduced mobility and related conditions, with the aim to enhance the quality of care in elderly care facilities, hospitals and other healthcare environments.

About BAM Labs
BAM Labs® is the leading innovator in Smart Bed Technology®. In the medical market, BAM Labs’ FDA-registered Touch-free Life Care™ smart bed sensor and cloud monitoring platform transforms any bed into a smart bed to inform, manage and improve health. BAM Labs’ Smarter Health Monitoring captures strategic insights into life-long health and wellness, all while you sleep. Unlike watches and small gadgets that you have to power-up daily and remember to put on or carry with you, BAM Labs Smart Bed Technology turns any bed into a smart device that you can set and forget. The BAM Labs Smart Bed Technology solution is available through authorized distribution partners in the United States and Canada. BAM Labs’ Smart Bed Technology solutions are also being used to create breakthrough consumer products, notably the SleepIQ™ technology only available with a Sleep Number® bed at one of the 450 Sleep Number stores across the country. Visit or contact

1 (Beaty, Jeff A. and Sauer, Timothy M. “The Efficacy of Goodmark Medical’s Solution Using the BAM Labs’® Smart Bed Technology® in the Prevention of Pressure Ulcers.” Journal of Aging Science 2 (2014): 123)

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