Google Early Versions of Next-gen Glass Prototype

Google is gone and proved once again that Google Glass is not dead. According to the announcement that Google’s termination of the Glass Explorer program, many people jumped to the conclusion that Google Glass was dead. But Google proved them wrong with the announcement of its development from scratch and also under new leadership. For those who still do not believe that this here is another piece of news to prove that Google Glass is far from dead.

Delivers next-gen prototype

It is reported that Google already sends the first next-gen versions of the new prototype of Google Glass glass choose his work partner. This next iteration of the device is sent from them for testing and developing the device even better. Although, the next version is still in the early stages of its development, but according to sources, Google has privately display different prototypes of his glass at Work Partners in October, 2014. The unit was possibly an older model that was created under the old routine.

However, reports have been there, that the tech giant has a version of Google Glass, certain important partner shown at the beginning of this year. However, it is not certain whether the device with the newer version or was it just another latest model, which has been skillfully as a partner for the audit under the old leadership. That is, after report Google has got in contact with at least one company after the change in leadership. This means that Google has either something new to show them, or it is still continuing with the earlier prototype.

Google is now working with Tony Fadell, a former Apple product executive and Ivy Ross, a jewelry designer for the new version of Google Glass.

Still Committed to Bring Google Glass

Even if there is a change in the development of Google Glass, the company is still obliged to make a consumer version of Augmented Reality glass, and it is hard to show it. This includes the development of a new program for Glass at work. This means bringing together 10 start-ups focused on the development of new software for the next-gen Google Glass.

Google is the company carefully choosing, which can take the glass at Work program and developed a close eye on each of them to ensure that high-quality software is for you AR-glass. This differs from the previous approach in which someone could make apps for the device. This careful approach could bring success for Google Glass at this time.


Google Will Start the Google Glass Project from Scratch!

Google Glass Project from Scratch

A few days ago the news of the sale of Google Glass is placed on ice was all over the internet. But now it seems that things will change again with the production of Google Glass. The tech giant will start again on the Glass project from scratch, according to the New York Times. After the sales development of the prototype was stopped in January to be stopped claimed. Now the project will start again under Tony Fadell, former CEO of Nest and gadget designer at Apple.

Building ‘From Scratch’

According to reports the New York Times, has the revival of Google Glass up by the public “division” which was made famous a few weeks ago. This step brought Tony Fadell in the image and according to reports, he will “reshape a product from scratch.”
Consultant Fadell said, “It will not be a public experiment Tony is a product guy and he is not to solve something until it’s perfect..” This is in accordance with the “division” announcement with which the Explorer Beta Test program came to an end and new versions of glass only come out “when they are ready.”
Now with tag, so it seems that everything about the future of Google Glass that we knew lost. Prior to the announcement of the reconstruction of the project we had the expectation that we get a new version of Google Glass in 2015, which would use an Intel SoC. But now with the reconstruction, it means that the project will make it for many years.

Google+ – a good analog for Glass

Another product from Google, which has struggled since its release, Google+ is. It is a good analog for Google Glass. Vic Gundotra, head of Google + Google had left about a year ago. His departure from the company arrived at the same time when the social network went for a change of direction. The stress on Google+ has been reduced in the last year and was released only a slight function.
Get Started with Google Glass from scratch, it is foolish to expect that the refined product will be available in the near future.