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June 11, 2015 at 3:35 am

To celebrate the release of the latest update for GTA Online, Rockstar will be a special weekend starts event where you to earn bonus experience and money, among other things.

The first part of the ill-gotten gains Update Live for GTA V goes on all platforms tomorrow, June 10. The opening ceremony will then kick off on June 12 and June 14 through various bonuses and discounts throughout entitled the weekend.

Added When playing one of the adversaries modes in addition to online heists GTA, you will earn double the amount of in-game cash that you normally would. If you play through an entire playlist, you also get bonus items like sticky bombs, Molotov cocktails, proximity mines and body protection. If you are more in races, you will earn twice as much RP during a race.


Another option, a little more money is to keep an eye out for crate drops, which will be during the event more commonplace than usual outside. Rockstar says to keep an eye on the “luxurious venues of Los Santos large and well as the racetrack, yacht club, and Rockford Hills areas” where there crates with $ 10,000 in GTA money and exclusive in-game T-Shirts ( picture above). Or if you’re feeling creative, you can look at an image pickup competition, which will take place a player with $ 1 million prize game.

High-end properties are temporarily reduced in price by 25 percent for the weekend, so you have to update the way to get your digs with all the bonus money issue.

The Ill gotten gains: Part One Go-live update tomorrow unveils new high-end products for the players to spend their money, including Gold airplanes and helicopters. This is in response to the players clamoring for new things to spend their money on to the online publication of raids of March.