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June 10, 2015 at 11:21 pm

At a time when attendance drops mall and most of us would rather see Netflix in bed as stores on our favorite brick and mortar, it seems, ironically, has that shopping to more social than ever. The start list of our favorite stores and apps, in and with the advent of the Net Set Net-a-Porter-current release and the popularity of cult classic merge as The Hunt is continuously increasing, the blame us?

Social media giant begin note of this trend and, in particular, Instagram has announced that it will soon jump on the moving train to take. Despite the immense popularity of photo-sharing app Instagram monetization has proved very difficult for the retail industry in the past. Since direct links are disabled in Instagram captions, are potential customers to the left to turn Google or the search abandon completely. Third-party applications such as Like2Buy and like to know you created a way around the problem purchasing Instagram for retailers, but now an official Instagram shopping system is in operation.

Borrowing targeting strategies of its parent company, Facebook is, the app allows advertisers to reach out to certain demographics. For fashion retailers Specifically Instagram is the perfect advertising opportunity. “It is an ideal platform for shopping, since it is so visual and fashion-oriented,” said Old Navy Media Director Michele shoe in an interview.

But how does this affect us, the users? We will be able to buy, our favorite fashion pieces and beauty products, straight from our favorite app. Can not wait to buy the outfits your fashion idols? You may just want to make sure you install Drunk Castle.

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