Exercises That Ages You Faster

Feb 4, 2012
Exercises That Ages You Faster

The latest research shows, there is a difference between chronological age and biological age, which means that you can be 50 years old and literally a body of a 40 year old. I’m sure you know someone who not only looks 10 years younger, but has taken boundless energy and endurance. That being said, I’m sure you have seen exactly the opposite and that someone looks and acts much too old for their actual age.

So what’s the problem? Is it genetics? I know it sounds like the most reasonable answer. But genetics have very little to do with how fast or slow you age. Believe it or not, you have a lot more control than you think about the aging process.

Seriously, it is not science fiction … can you slow down your aging process, but only if you know what to do.

… And I’m not about that they’re talking about taking anti-aging pills or hormone preparations. Nope. This is much safer and more effective. It’s something you do on your own.

There are countless people who have cracked the code on aging and literally slows their biological clock to a crawl. And I’ll show you all the effective anti-aging tips and tricks in just a minute, but first let’s look at what happens when you get older …

Your metabolism slows down to a snail’s pace, as you age. This makes the fat burning and weight losing next to impossible.
The responsible for all youth-related qualities hormones like healthy skin color, strong muscle mass, robust energy and insatiable libido begin to decline more and more every year that passes. And if you’re not active, you can increase your youth hormone levels fall so low that there is no turning back.
Ageing makes the bones weaker and more brittle rob your body of vital minerals that are important for strong bones. That’s why so many elderly people suffer from hip fractures, which can lead to more serious medical complications.
It’s not just your physical qualities, the negative result of aging … your brain suffers get affected as well. Your memory, the ability to solve problems, and your decision-making skills all begin to fall and worsen each year.
And here’s the real kicker: After 40 your biological age begins to accelerate and age faster than your chronological age! In fact, for every year that passes, you can age up to an additional 6 months. This means that when you turn 42, your body is essentially turning 43 … if you go on like this, at 48, your body might be as old as 52 !!
These are the hard facts, but it’s the truth. However, it need not be so. You have the power to slow aging and prolong your youth. If you apply my anti-aging strategies, you will be able to slow the aging process by reversing strong your biological aging significantly below your chronological aging.

Here’s what you can expect if you some of my anti-aging strategies:

They will re-ignite your metabolism, reprogramming your body, so you can easily start burning fat immediately.
You will start your endocrine system new, creating a resurgence of youth hormones can improve so infinitely much energy and get replace flab with lean, strong muscles, while increasing your libido
You will strengthen your body after regaining bone density and a solid foundation.
Increase your mental abilities, improving memory and improve your cognitive function make you as sharp as a tack
You will drastically slow down your body aging process. So your biological age will age more slowly than your chronological age, you-make look and feel younger every year that passes.
Now I have to warn you … what do you travel to read is likely to go against everything you’ve ever heard. But that’s because very few people really know how to slow down their aging process.

Remember the so-called “experts” gives you anti-aging Tips … what do they look like? If you do not see 10 – 15 years younger than their actual age, do you really think they have the right knowledge?

Look, I’m not one to judge by looks alone, but as far as anti-aging is concerned I take advice from people who look the part and live part …

Well, here are the 3 worst mistakes you must avoid if you slow the aging process and increase your metabolism, burn fat, increase your youth improve hormones to get more energy and stamina, and building a lean, strong , healthy body want:


With too much cardio you do age faster

Too many people think that cardio is the answer to everything related weight loss and fat loss. And although cardio can be helpful (if done correctly), it does nothing to slow the aging process. In fact, it does just the opposite!. Doing long frequent cardio sessions will relieve your muscles and increases the production of free radicals. These free radicals are nasty little things that damage the cells in your body and accelerate the aging.

Do not worry if you are worried about your heart health are located. There is a much more effective way to get your cardiovascular health, improve I cover in just one minute. And here’s the best part: it only takes one-third the time of conventional cardio exercise, and it also solves your youth improve hormones instead of those nasty free radicals that you age faster!