Consumer spending continues to be strong: Moneris

Consumer spending rose nearly six per cent during the first quarter of 2015, says one of North America’s largest processors of debit and credit payments. Spending on home improvements, apparel and restaurants drove the 5.78 per cent increase, according to the Moneris Metrics Quarterly Report, suggesting suggests that “consumers feel confident enough to continue to spend on non-essentials,” according to Moneris CEO and President

Angela Brown. “For Canadian businesses, it was a great start to the year,” she said “Spending remained strong after the holiday season.” This marks the second consecutive quarter in which consumer spending has increased year-over-year. The end of 2014 saw a 3.84 per cent increase in spending, breaking an unprecedented nine-month flat streak.


The increase is trending upwards: 5.10 per cent in January; 5.51 per cent in February; and 6.70 per cent in March. In the first three months of this year, Canadians spent 12.86 per cent more at glass, paint and wallpaper stores and 11.33 per cent more at drapery, window covering and upholstery stores, boosting spending in the household category to a year-over-year increase of 7.23 percent, according to the Moneris scorecard.

Spending in restaurants was up 6.82 per cent with fast food seeing the highest growth (10.90 per cent) followed by bars and pubs (7.84 per cent).

Stores specializing in shoes and women’s accessories were big winners, with increases of 9.32 per cent and 7.27 per cent respectively. Pet stores also posted 7.04 per cent growth. Men’s clothing and family clothing experienced gains of 3.45 per cent and 4.25 per cent, respectively.


The entertainment category posted the lowest growth (0.82 per cent), including categories such as tourist attractions, movie theatres and recreation services. British Columbia led the way with an 8.93 per cent increase, with Nova Scotia posting the smallest increase, a modest 0.40 per cent gain. Ontario fell in the middle, reflecting the national average with a 5.9 increase.


Moneris’s quarterly report is based on analysis of credit and debit card transaction data from sales at merchants who utilize their payment processor.



Moneris Launches “Canada’s First Debit-Enabled Mobile Payment System”

Moneris Solutions Corporation, Canada’s largest debit and credit card processor, announced today the launch of “PAYD PRO”, Canada’s first debit enabled mobile payment solution with Chip & PIN technology to payments to be processed on the go.
It uses the Bluetooth technology to smartphones on debit and credit card payments via chip and PIN are going to accept.
“At Moneris, we are proud everywhere they strengthen the first payment processor in Canada for small businesses with the ability to process debit card transactions do business”, Moneris’ Jeff Guthrie said. “Canadians increasingly expect the freedom to each payment option will find it convenient, with any kind of a merchant organization, large or small to choose.

We have the goal of providing innovative, effective and safe solutions for retailers of all sizes, including smaller service as artisans, photographers, personal trainers and contractor undertakes. ” Moneris offers credit, debit, wireless and online payment services for merchants in virtually every industry and processes more than three billion transactions annually.

Today’s announcement follows a lot of publicity on Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey to the new mobile payment startup Square and its year to date,
the. On Canadian soil Place tab allows individuals and merchants to accept credit cards on your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet computer. The app supports the manual entry of card data or Swipe Card Reader by the square, a small plastic device into the audio jack of a supported
smartphone or tablet plugs and reads the magnetic stripe.

Moneris appears through the use of Bluetooth technology and the fact that nothing really has to the smartphone touching differentiation. His solution is a mobile application, so rather than the court reader attachment to an iPad, “PAYD PRO is a mobile application, the Bluetooth technology used to create a lightweight and portable companion device to connect to any Apple iOS and Google Android ™ Smartphone . ”
Knowing that the majority of the course actually focuses on the backend, in its ability to provide small businesses with real-time data analysis,
Moneris also stated that PAYD PRO provides eCommerce management tools,
including the possibility of all transactions from their mobile track device and send receipts via email.


Moneris Payd Pro accepts debit payments with SmartPhones

Merchants that want to accept debit card payments now have the option of using their smartphone or tablet to do so with a new hardware accessory from Moneris.

Launched today, Payd Pro is the first mobile payment accessory that will take debit card payments using chip and PIN technology. Other solutions on the market like Square and Payfirma will only accept credit card payments. Moneris also has been selling its Payd device for accepting credit cards on a mobile device for more than a year.

Rather than working as a dongle that connects directly to a headphone jack on a mobile device as other mobile payment solutions do, Payd Pro works via Bluetooth. The device is about the size and weight of a smartphone and also comes loaded with a suite of mobile commerce management tools that enable transaction tracking and sending receipts to customers via e-mail. Merchants use an app available for iOS and Android platforms to operate the wireless accessory. Moneris says the Payd Pro device will be compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Moneris announced the device on its Facebook page and was fielding some questions about its availability and operation.

Security concerns are addressed by encrypting card data at the time of the transaction, Moneris says. The portable device also uses Bluetooth encryption and prohibit unauthorized devices from accessing the tool or information passed through it.

Canadians are being invited to register now for the Payd Pro device. A monthly fee of $19.95 plus tax will be waived for the first three months for those that register before Feb. 28, 2014. The service includes 200 free debit transactions each month and a 2.75 per cent rate on credit card transactions.

The service will go live in February2014, Moneris says.