Developer Edition of Sony Smartglasses Released

Sony has officially released its latest augmented reality glasses in 10 countries around the world. A few months ago, the portable was announced by the company, and now is the development version has the transactions made by March 28. The Sony SmartEyeGlass Developer Edition, SED-E1 is Sony’s answer to other smart glasses on the market. The glasses have a separate controller in addition to the primary AR glasses and for $ 840 for sale. The glasses from Sony are quite different from Google goggles. Apart from the US and the UK, they will now be in other countries.

The SmartEyeGlass

The SmartEyeGlass has a binocular display for actual and augmented reality. They are powered by hologram-optic technology which provides the glasses with a bright display and high transparency with electricity. The hologram technology images, symbols and texts about the natural line of sight of the carrier are superimposed. Voice messages or navigation instructions can also be superimposed by Sony SmartEyeGlass.
With a thickness of only 3.0 mm, it can easily be worn without discomfort. With a variety of applications, which are compatible with the AR display the smart glasses, it becomes easier for carriers to obtain additional information and simultaneously advanced applications as always information on managing inventory obtain help on a car and much repairs will find more.

Availability of equipment

Now the device is to be for sale in the different countries, Japan, Italy, France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Sweden and the USA are available. It will be different price tags in these countries. In Italy, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and Spain, the device for 670 euros can be bought. In Japan, it will cost ¥ 100,000, while in Sweden you have to spend 5810 SEK. If you live in the UK, you can get the Sony SmartEyeGlass Covering 529 GBP and be willing to spend 840 USD, if you are a resident of the United States of America.
While in the UK, USA, Germany and Japan, the device can be purchased with any of consumers in other countries for business customers are entitled to buy this product.
So if you want to buy the smart glasses from Sony, you can do this, depending on your country of residence and the amount you are willing to spend.


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