Get Ready for 10TB SSDs New Technology


SSDs and other flash memory devices will soon be cheaper and more, thanks to the big announcements from Toshiba and Intel. The two companies unveiled new “3D NAND” memory chips, which are stacked in layers to pack in more data, as opposed to one-level chips currently used. Toshiba, said it created the world’s first 48-layer NAND whereby a chip with 16 GB increased speed and reliability. The Japanese company invented flash memory in the first place and has the smallest NAND cell in the world at 15 nm. Toshiba is now manufacturers engineering samples, but products with the new chips are not for another year or so ago.

At the same time, Intel and Micron partner she showed now producing their own 32-layer NAND chips, which should also, in SSDs in about a year. You are sampling even greater capacity as NAND memory Toshiba, with 32 GB chips available and a 48GB version will follow shortly. Micron, the chips are said used up to 3.5 TB to make rubber stick size PCIe SSDs M.2 tall and 2.5-inch SSDs with 10 TB capacity – with the latest hard drives at eye level. All this means that Toshiba, Intel / Micron and companies who are giving their chips shortly little more competition to Samsung, the using 3D has NAND Tech for much longer. Higher capacity, cheaper SSDs that make the spinning hard drives to sleep with one eye open is: The result will be nothing but good for the consumer.


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